Raymond Steau
Graduate of Architecture

Raymond Steau is an experienced Graduate of Architecture who received his degrees from the Queensland University of Technology. Raymond has often strived to form an understanding of architecture that incorporates broader interdisciplinary contexts. His endeavors directed him to study urban and regional planning concurrently with architecture as to reveal the reliance on urban constructs beyond the bounds of architecture alone.

His professional career has expressly followed this trajectory incorporating the economic, social, political and environmental paradigms of this time, to which bare consequences to any built outcome. Through this, he has always sought to continue in the broader understanding of the built environment, and hope to garner further insight into its ramifications.




  • Bachelor of Urban Development (Urban Regional Planning) BUrbDev (Urb&RegPlan)
  • Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies) BDes(ArchSt)
  • Master of Architecture (MArch)